Publishing in Science: an editor's perspective

星期五, 2015/05/22 - 15:0016:00

摘要:Scientific publishing is a competitive endeavor, and the best tool we have to select among the many high-quality submissions is peer review. I will talk about the of peer review at Science magazine and will address the complementary roles of authors, referees and editors in that process. Crucial aspects of successful submissions to Science will be discussed.

主讲人简介:Jelena Stajic is a senior editor at Science magazine. She handles the peer review of submitted manuscripts in the areas of physics and computer science. Jelena is originally from Serbia, where she completed her undergraduate degree in physics at the University of Belgrade. Her Ph.D. in theoretical condensed matter physics was obtained at the University of Chicago, followed by two postdoctoral appointments at Los Alamos National Laboratory and the University of Connecticut. She started at Science in 2009.